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Real Time X-Ray Imaging

Sinclair Xray Inspection Services Pty Ltd owns and operates a high definition Real Time Imaging (RTI) system which is a fluoroscopy process incorporating a micro focus directional Xray tube and a high resolution image intensifier.

The RTI is mounted in a lead lined cabinet with a variable speed conveyor system built in.The real time image is viewed on a closed circuit television system by experienced operators.

The SXIS RTI system has the ability to detect very fine sections of foreign matter in packaged food products on a high volume basis which is cost effective allowing for recovery of suspect product.
SXIS has a vast range of experience and expertise in RTI with proven capability with many of the major food manufacturers in Australia.

Some of the products we have examined and the foreign matter detected are:




glass, metal, plastic



Canned fruit

lead shot, stones

Milk powder

steel screws


stainless steel


glass, plastic

Pet food

steel, glass, stones, bone



Milk drinks




Frozen dinners

stainless steel wire


steel, bone


screws, stainless steel wire


At SXIS, we will not undertake any RTI job unless we are 100% confident that we can detect the contaminant.  Our commitment to quality is paramount to our reputation with our clients.

SXIS owns and operates a modern clean and dry facility at Werribee with good access to the Princes Freeway.  We have full handling facilities, ie forklifts, etc.

Our reporting and traceability systems are of the highest standards and maintained for seven years.

Every job SXIS undertakes is treated with strict confidentiality and security.

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Real Time Imaging

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  Real Time Imaging

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